Tamper Proof Label Facestocks

Tamper proof labels can be custom made according to your desires. You can choose their shape, size, color and material. It is important to remember that tamper proof labels do not have an aesthetic purpose; they are used to dissuade potential tampering of your property. The best option for a tamper proof label is destructible film that breaks when someone tries to remove the label. Here are some options:


This is a combination of an easily breakable yet hard film that can be destructible or peelable.


Polyester is one of the most durable and rigid films, resistant to outdoor conditions (chemicals, moisture, extreme temps). However, it does not work well on curved applications.


Polyethylene film is very conformable, suitable for curved or textured surfaces. It is resistant to moisture and tearing.


Vinyl films are very durable, conformable and resistant to moisture. It can be flexible or rigid, and it is self-extinguishing when peeled off.

Some of the most commonly used tamper proof label facestocks are the following: