Tamper Proof Labels Overview

Tamper proof or tamper evident labels are applied to objects when it is important to provide extra security and guarantee that the object will not be tampered with. Though the name suggests these labels make all tampering impossible, they actually make tampering more difficult, and evident if it happens. An example of very old and perfectly useful tamper proof label is a letter’s wax seal people used in the past to make sure no one would read the letter before it reached the appropriate receiver. When you want to secure your property or any product and packaging, tamper proof labels enable you to seal the object with a special label that serves as added security in two ways: you can either use labels that break or disintegrate when you try to remove them, or you can use labels that leave a mark on the surface of the product and a certain message that shows the label and product have been tampered with. If the person tries to reapply the label back into place as if nothing happened, the warning message will appear on the label all the same. The message is usually the following: “Void” or “Opened”, and it signals to the owner of the product that it has been tampered with.

Tamper proof labels that contain the owner’s name/contact details/company logo, etc. make misusing someone’s property very difficult, if not impossible. With a security label that breaks when you try to remove it, or won’t come off, or leaves a message that the product has been tampered with, it is very difficult to perform a malversation.

Tamper proof labels usually mark someone’s property (assets, equipment, inventory), and they can be barcoded or sequentially numbered.